Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Search for Hospitality Excellence

The hospitality field is in a renaissance period today! There are so many exciting new restaurants and food trends evidenced by the amazing growth of the restaurant business on Long Island and the boroughs. As our nation becomes more health conscious, the dining landscape is dramatically changing with lighter more nutritious food replacing the haute cuisine , and comfort foods of earlier years.

Younger family's today often have a husband and wife working full time jobs and out of necessity, time is more important than ever. Rather than a home cooked meal fast food restaurants, and niche food stores offering frozen and fresh prepared healthy food are gaining in popularity. Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, are often today's choice for meal time.

 Amidst all these changes, local restaurants offering American and ethnic foods have become an important part of our daily discussions and our meal plans. As the prices of food continue to rise because of weather, inflation, and economic conditions, we are constantly making choices based on recommendations, reviews, and our own experiences.

Given the constantly evolving trends in the hospitality field, we have decided to offer our readers a bi-monthly web publication "The magazine of Hospitality Excellence". Based on my years of dining in some of the finest restaurants, hotels and resorts around the USA and the world, I will offer my insights what constitutes excellence in restaurants, hotels, spas, resorts, products and services.

For our introductory issue we will feature a number of the finest restaurants on Long Island, as well as my thoughts on what constitutes a great dining experience. We are committed to Excellence and look for the very best in our community. We will also look at restaurants, spas and hotels in New York, the Boroughs, and New Jersey.

We are living in very exciting times and our magazine will give you an incisive look at what food trends are emerging (farm to table, vegan cuisine and boat to table.

We look forward to taking you on an extraordinary journey into the hospitality world, where you will find why it makes sense to try and find a commitment to EXCELLENCE!

Wishing you a Life filled with Happiness, Success, and Love....

Barry Kay
Publisher, and Editor In Chief
The Search For Hospitality Excellence

Recommended Restaurants on L.I. - Stresa in Great Neck, Opera House in Roslyn, Marino's in Port Washington, Jewel Restaurant

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